Wholey Moley Tomato Sauce

Wholey Moley Tomato Sauce


Wholey Moley this stuff is good! That’s not what we’re saying about our Wholey Moley 100% Australian tomato sauce, it’s what our legion of fans are calling it. From dobbing it on a sausage roll or having some on just about everything, it’s simply brilliant.

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Unlike Mr Heinz, Masterfoods et al, our Wholey Moley Tomato Sauce is made from 100% whole Australian tomatoes, and if you’re really lucky, they’re made from tomatoes either grown in our own garden, or at the Huntley Berry Farm.

When the corporations make their tomato sauce they use tomato paste, often imported from who knows where, add sugar, vinegar and essences to it and flog it off.

We cook our whole tomatoes – skins, seeds and all – down with a selection of spices, a touch of garlic and some sugar and vinegar.

Our sauce is not only ridgy-didge, it’s also bloody brilliant.


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