Pitt and George Bread – Pane di Casa

Pitt and George Bread – Pane di Casa


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Product Description

Does modern day bread leave you feeling full and bloated, or worse? It may surprise a lot of people, but modern day bread can be made in as little as two hours. Pitt and George bread is unlike any others.

Decades ago, this wasn’t the case, making bread was a long and fairly arduous process and there was no such thing as the amount of gluten sensitivity that exists in society today.

In 1961 the Chorleywood bread process used intense mechanical working of the dough to develop the gluten, reduce the fermentation time and create a whole new world of problems for people’s digestion.

Highly processed white bread found in supermarkets and budget bakeries is made of inferior grain, and can contain additives to make the entire process faster and faster.

It’s no wonder so many people have a problem with eating bread and that feeling of being bloated, it’s highly refined rubbish.

Pitt and George bread though is different in many, many ways.

Firstly the Pitt and George bread, those delicious  dark brown loaves with the chewy crusts, take 24 hours to make and only contain four main ingredients. Flour* water, salt and yeast. Our Turkish bread also contains Australian olive oil and are sprinkled with sesame and nigella seeds. Our Alehouse Rye has beer in it, as well as rye flour.

All of our breads are just these four base ingredients.

Then we take our time.

We use a biga and a very small amount of French yeast to kick start our 18 – 24 hour proving process.

That’s right, depending on the temperature, it takes 12 hours for the minimal yeast in each loaf to create the dough that we use to make the bread.

What’s truly amazing is that we don’t have to knead it. We just fold it over and knock it back a few times during the fermentation, and there you have it, fresh, healthy bread that takes a lot longer to digest, and if what our customers are telling us, Pitt and George Bread doesn’t make them feel all bloated and yuck like that white muck from the factories.


*For whatever reason, all flour in Australia has small amounts of thiamine and folic acid added.


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