Relishes and sauces

Relishes and sauces

From three dogs enjoying the rotting goodness under the tomatoes comes our range of tomato based sauces and relishes, and a few other delights as well.

Black Dog Tomato Relish

From the natural instincts of a dog to dig where it smells goodness comes our famous Black Dog Tomato Relish. Cooked to the point of it almost being jam, our relish is thick and delightful.

Tomato Kasundi

Along with our Black Dog Tomato Relish, our Tomato Kasundi keeps people coming back for more, and more. Packed with loads of garlic, ginger and spices, our Kasundi isĀ fit for a Raj.

Wholey Moley Tomato Sauce

Wholey Moley this stuff is good! That’s not what we’re saying about our Wholey Moley 100% Australian tomato sauce, it’s what our legion of fans are calling it