Step by step guide to Apple Jelly

If you grow your own apples, or live somewhere like Orange where apples are aplenty, occasionally you might end up with a massive surplus of them taking up valuable space in your fridge, or worse, going stale on the bench. Apples are a versatile fruit that can be added to all sorts of cakes and […]

How to make Elderflower Cordial – VIDEO

Popular throughout Europe, Elderflower is a relative newcomer to Australia and it’s rather strange that it hasn’t always been a part of our culinary culture. It is after all amazingly refreshing and mixes well with either vodka or gin. Elderflower cordial, wine and champagne is common in the UK but it seems to not have […]

How to cook silverbeet – VIDEO

I’ve just did a quick scan on YouTube on how to cook silverbeet and what a travesty most of them are. The video creators all talk about how nutritious and wonderful silverbeet is, and then go on to boil it and squeeze the living juices out of it. Here now is the correct way to […]

Baked Tomato Sauce – Tomato Glut Recipe

Like all good gardeners, I look after my plants, and inevitably, we end up with a glut. Gluts are great things of course, otherwise we wouldn’t have developed innovative ways of preserving our food. Canning, bottling, chutneys, jams, sauces, they’re all ways of storing our gluts. Currently here in the cool-cool climate of the central […]

How to Cure Olives – Naturally

When I planted my two olive trees seven years ago, I thought that I’d probably end up with about two or three kilograms in total. This year I’ve picked just under eight kilograms of the little black beauties, and now I have to cure them. A few millennia or so ago Alessandro was wandering along the […]

Our Cordials

Everyone loves cordial, admit it, a dash of cordy and some soda water, maybe some kind of adult drink added and voila`, you have a cocktail / mocktail. Whichever you please, a real cordial, like the ones that we make, will have certain health benefits that go beyond the , ‘just damn refreshing.’ THE STOLEN […]

Pitt and George Bread

BLOAT FREE BREAD? MAYBE PITT AND GEORGE BREAD IS WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR. Does modern day bread leave you feeling full and bloated, or worse? It may surprise a lot of people, but modern day bread can be made in as little as two hours. Pitt and George bread is unlike any others. Decades ago, this […]